Foot Ease Applicator

"Helping You Reach With Ease "
If you suffer from the inability to reach areas that need to be treated due to arthritis, chronic pain, injury, diabetes, obesity, stoke or other mobility issues then let the FootEase Applicator "Help You Reach With Ease "
Dry, cracked, rough, hard, fissures skin or even painful calluses can lead to skin infections, infected ulcerations and even amputations. 

The FootEase Applicator lets you apply diabetic foot cream, medicated lotion and salve to areas of the feet that may be difficult to reach.
You can also treat your calluses and rough skin in the comfort of your own home, while maintaining optimal care that is needed to prevent serious medical problems.  
The FootEase Applicator manually rotating head and light weight telescoping handle will allow you to treat all the areas of you feet with ease!