About Our Product

Many people have difficulty accessing surfaces of their feet to clean or maintain their feet to promote healthy feet. The result is that such persons must either obtain help from another person to wash and maintain their feet. Others will not attend to their feet and end up suffering from severe dry skin and infections which can lead to many complications. 
While dry skin is not a dangerous condition, it can become painful, and if the cracking starts to bleed, it can lead to infection which is an especially serious problem for anyone with a chronic disease such as diabetes, or a lowered immune system due to age or illness. Infections can lead to ulcerations and if not treated it can lead to amputation. Calluses can also be painful, crack, and become infected. 
The Foot Ease Applicator will allow people with arthritis, obesity, diabetes, stroke, chronic back pain, injury or any other ailment that limits them from reaching their feet to do just that.  REACH their feet and simply clean and apply lotion. The Foot Ease Applicator will facilitate access to all of the main surfaces of the foot, namely the top, sides, bottom and heel by its rotary motion.  It can be used by a person of limited agility to apply lotion or treat a callus on the main surfaces of his or her feet.The applicator will serve as an extension of their hand. Its telescopic feature will also adjust to your height. It has a latex free hypoallergenic sponge that can be replaced as needed. 
Coming soon: attachments for massage, clean between your toes, and for calluses.